Friday, 3 July 2009


Work on THE MERMAID costume has been coming along nicely.... the tail has been attatched to the skirt. Hooray! Surprisingly, with not too much problem concerning the weight of the tail pulling on the lycra. I am still yet to elasticate the waistline though; doing that will ensure it simply sits in the right place, rather than hold up the weight so much. (the photo here does not do it justice, but shows the tail attatched to the skirt... sorta)
For photographic purposes, the tail is meant to spread out like perhaps a large teardrop, from the bottom back of the skirt. This is all great... until I plan to walk or move in it... at which point the tail squishes and rolls up and is not so pretty.
So my next maneuver is to stay stitch the edges of the tail layers together to keep them more spread out sort of thing, and to attatch wrist loop to the end of the tail, which should effectively pull most of the tail part up off the ground (hopefully) keeping it somewhat attractive looking while walking.
In doing this much of the skirt I managed to blunten most of my machine needles. After purchasing more, work resumed, and the sleeves are nearly done as well. (this photo also does not look much like anything.... hmmmm, but is of the sleeves, one turned out and one not)
I think a row of blue lycra with elastic at the top of the sleeves to match the row on the skirt and the row that will be at the top of the bikini, will tie all the pieces of the costume together nicely.

Slight hiccups this week regarding the universe (or God) coming to get me and throw me in the spinner for a the form of a friend or enemy (not sure which), the salvos, a book and my brain. I spent a few days feeling pretty down about myself, and my ability to cope with being the parent of a teenager. It's a hard job doing this all on my own. Some days I don't feel like I do a very good job of setting the example and all that responsibility stuff.
Not to mention the universe / God stuff that's been swirling around in the grey matter as well.
I don't know if there is a God, or a Satan for that matter. I don't know which bunch of theories is the right one, or if there is even a right one at all.
Positive thinking SOUNDS like a good theory to follow either way. Faith in oneself and beleif that I have the power DOES make me feel better and reminds myself how lucky I am and so forth.
But then comes along a lovely old salvo's lady, and her God talk actually makes some amount of sense! Just to throw a spanner into the works that was my thinking for this week.
So my brain has been spinning out of control with questions of the universe, my sanity, anyone's sanity...the need for sanity at all, etc, etc.
So when I was offered a night out to perk me back up...... I didn't really care where I was headed, but out to relax and unwind or whatever sounded great.
Unfortunately for my embarrassment level today, I not only went out and watched an erotic girls dance show,

I was talked into getting a little... no, on second thought, wayyyyy too drunk for words. The friends I went out with were keen to get me that way for some unknown reason, and continued to shout me drinks...... and a lap dance!!! As I rethink over the night, now, today, a red tinge creeps it's way to my neck and cheeks. There is a reason I don't drink in public, guys! I got a little handsy with one of the strippers, which I DO KNOW is strictly not allowed... I did some sort of odd dance on the kitchen floor when we got back to my friend's house as well, and I am sure I was way louder than necessity called for!
But ahhh! On reflection also this morning, a fair bit of this week's thought - matter has been wiped from my brain. Perhaps only temporarily, but even so, it feels nice to be a little numb today.
Creating is even greater when I am numb - or perhaps when I am not mentally wrung out more to the point. (And any help is good help... thanks Possum! )
Work on THE MERMAID has continued already this morning, with the cups going into the bra pieces and looking just right..... (except for in the photo.... *sigh* i can't wait to have it finished and wear it - THAT photo might do it justice.)
I'd like to be
Under the sea
In a goddess mermaid's garden
In the shade.......

Also work on my TRICORN hat has proceeded and halted again. I'm pretty much up to finishing it off, and by hand. I can't think of any other way to put the lining in but totally by hand - stitching it in, and i think some white braid (or maybe gold) around the rim might be nice too, but that also has to be finished by hand as well before i turn the edges up.

ahh well! Off to do some more....

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DarkAngel14 said...

lol sounds like its going to be awesome. You should really watch out for that gettingdrunkinastripclubness. :)

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