Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I think pirates and mermaids go hand in hand, or hand in fin, or whatever...

If it were not for the ol' scurvy pirates on the high seas with their bottles o' rum to envision the goddesses of the deep, would we even exist?

so in celebrating and emulating the mermaid, I also celebrate and emulate the pirate.


we have a TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY i wonder if there would ever be a MERMAID day? TALK LIKE A MERMAID? (yeh i see the idea has it's flaws.... i'm working on it... hehe)

hehe that would be a fun day indeed!

in the meantime, this year for talk like a pirate day (which i need to google - it's in september i think) i will be well equipped and ready.
BUT before that, for my BIRTHDAY PARTY this year i will be well ready to GET ME PIRATE ON!

preparations hav set sail, and decorations and so forth are made, me hearties, and being made, costumes,and food and drink preparations ar also fine and dandy.

I found the greatest pirate accessory the other day at the TIP buy back centre of all places... check out my new BLACK DOUGLAS pirate bottles!!

they go so well with my BACARDI pirate bottle!


although I don't think it would be wise to have glass bottles as decorations at a party, they look great inside with my mermaid / pirate themed interior re - decorating that is well underway.

also well underway, but i have come to a learning curve, is my TRICORN HAT - making.

i redesigned the hat pattern i have used recently into what i am hoping will turn out to be a gorgeous tricorn hat with a goth / punk sense..... more on that later.

I saw a tricorn the other day that a girl is putting into this year's do it with denim competition, which was wayyyy cute ( a miniature even, way to suck me into liking it even more), but it wasn't finished off on the inside like i want my hat to be.

also most patterns for the hat with sufficient brim to turn up, have a crown made out of four or more tapered sections. i've made my hat pillbox style with a flat top.... we'll see how that goes when it's all finished i guess.

I want to have a lined inside - as a TOP HAT would be (in years to come, and after much practice, no doubt, I WILL make top hats as well...), so no seams showing, no raw edges, etc.

so the hold - up is with the lining at this point. i am not quite sure how i can finish it without having to hand sew it. i would prefer to machine it somehow, but for now i can't thinkof how i can.

either way, with lovely black fabric with a vague shine to it, and gold top - stitching, the parts of the hat so far are looking good.

learning is great fun!

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