Tuesday, 30 June 2009


OK, so I've had the idea running around in my head for as many years as my nickname has been THE MERMAID (RAPTUROUS MERMAID) ... so many ideas, in fact... but none of them quite THE idea i wanted.

I don't want a yuk mermaid costume... or a half costume.. or even an OK costume.... I Am THE MERMAID... it needs to be a costume of magical qualities suitable for the GODDESS of ALL mermaids to wear......

so, this time I think I have it... the winning idea, the costume for THE MERMAID......

Maybe "costume" isn't even the word i shoudl be using to describe this wonder.... hmmm, i'll have to think on that....

I have been looking around over the years - on the net - google'd mermaids a few times, gotten books from the library, checked out what the local costume suppliers have to offer, etc, etc.... and what they have to offer is nice, granted...... but just..... not ENOUGH.... not magical enough, not goddess enough, not RAPTUROUS enough!! more often than not, not long enough, and not adult enough too....

I seem to have some very specific ideas about how hottttttt the GODDESS of all mermaids would be (IS!!.... AM!!?!!) haha, and didnt wanna make ten costumes to get to the one I want, either..... so this idea has been forming for a milennia of mer - years.

the next step, of course, is to get the picture OUT of my head, and ONTO my mer-body!!

so, the head bit was easy... the next part proposes some challenges.... not the very least of all being time, fabric, THE WEATHER, well - behaving machinery (and child)..... and more new and exciting challenges yet un-thought of along the way no doubt!

Step #1 - get the idea out of my head.... done... i scribbled a very vague picture of the idea onto paper

The pencil drawing actually doesnt even do my idea justice... but that's ok...

It will be a 5 - piece costume, including skirt, bodice, sleeves and headgear.

For at least a couple of years now I have been setting aside specific pieces of mer - fabric out of the amazing amounts of fabric I use, towards making the mermaid costume..... pieces that either just look nice, or make me think watery, ocean-y thoughts, mermaid - ish colours, etc.

I also have very specific ideas it would seem, on what COLOURS a MERMAID GODDESS would wear... and I think most of those colours could be found on shells, and in the water....

PINKS, BLUES, GREENS.... TURQUIOSE, AQUA (I wonder what the difference between those two really is) the colours of frangipanni's and hibiscus, the colours of the clouds in the setting sun, the colours of clear, clean water and the play of the sun sparkling over the ocean, of summer.....the colours of the beach and the sand, and the jungle and the rainforest, shells and pearls and tropical flowers......

The colour of tanned skin and sunshine on muscles ..... the colour of sunshine in blonde hair.....
of possum's fur...
hehe my little helper has her very OWN set of ideas on WHOM should be getting a costume!


the colours of an UNDERWATER MERMAID WONDERLAND need to be incorporated into the very design of this masterpiece.

.....and mermaids have FINS!

I havent seen a mermaid costume with fins yet that tickle my mer - fancy .... I don't know if i've seen fins at all on one, now that I think of it - they often have a skirty bit at the bottom to hint at a tail...... but that's about it.... see? not good enough by far!

Soooo, of course, MY outfit will have fins... several of them..... mermaids don't only have one fin either for that matter... at least, not RAPTUROUS GODDESS MERMAIDS, anyway.

One of my biggest set - backs is also one of my greatest joys......

My love of combining different fabrics has.... welllll, not "gotten me in trouble before", as I'm inclined to say, but perhaps, led me to learn some very valuable lessons.

And, once again I am going and jumping in the deep end (haha i just made a mer - joke!!!) .....as far as my fabrics go for this creative wonder. But I am a firm beleiver in learning as i go, and that some lessons are better learned that way.

The tafe teachers would highly reccommend that I DON'T combine my fabrics the way I do.... but am I going to be able to create what is in my head if i don't? I think not!

I learned to make swimming costumes last year - and created a masterpiece.... so I am going to one - up myself on THE MERMAID. I have decided to use lycra. I have silver metallic gorgeous lycra that looks like water sparkling. I will use this as the main fabric for most of the costume.

I also found a stunning hot blue that i will trim the silver with, and hide my elastic under (this exact hot blue is my best favourite colour and makes my skin look awesome, so there is some thought behind the trim as it will then place the blue right next to my skin - creating the effect of a tan even in the depths of snowy cold winter! smart mermaid, huh?)

I'd love to be able to put all the colours in my mind into the outfit, but at the peril of weighing too much on the lycra, i have just done the best I can with the fabric choices available from the spare bedroom of doom / the walls of fabric - currently being renamed as TREASURE ISLAND at the moment.

The tail on the mermaid costumes I have seen are not to my liking either... also not enough. i picture the tail of a gorgeous goldfish or mexican fighting fish... flowing and delicate, long, wispy, swirling..... the tails on most costumes just seem to be a gathered frill at the boittom of a skirt.
the tail so far..........
Impressive huh?
well, I am impressed with myself so far, the outfit is going as planned.
a slight hiccup with the sizing of the skirt - as I mentoined the weight of the tail pulling on the lycra has to be accounted for, but I have it all under control.
THE RAPTUROUS MERMAID OF WONDER will be clothed inthe finest of garments.
hehe, ok well I should stop talking about it and go and do some more work on it perhaps....
to be continued........

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